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 by Ashley
Bahman is amazing!

Bahman has helped me so much with my physical pain caused by stress, grief, and tension! In just one visit, my TMJ improved and so did my headache! I will be coming regularly, he is the best!

 by Patrice Domingo R.Y.T/ P.T, Director The House of Fitness, San Diego, CA
Patrice Domingo R.Y.T/ P.T, Director The House of Fitness, San Diego, CA

Bahman has made the difference in my teaching career as a Fitness Instructor/Athlete. I teach many fitness classes per week with a high level of training. He has aided me with issues with my wrists, shoulders and feet. I have worked with many therapists before and felt little or no relief. I highly recommend him to all my students, friends and my family! Thank you Bahman, for keeping me out of pain and stiffness. I value your services!

 by Charlotte Ray Owner/ Fitness Instructor, The House of Fitness, San Diego, CA
Charlotte Ray Owner/ Fitness Instructor, The House of Fitness, San Diego, CA

Bahman’s massage services have made such an impact on my body. As a fitness instructor, I work out and train several hours per week. With all the high intensity work outs my body needs the massage to stay healthy. I came to Bahman with several injuries in my lower back, shoulder and neck. Now that I have been working with him, I hardly have any pain! I highly recommend him to everybody; he has even helped my 76 year old grandmother with Parkinson’s disease! He’s a miracle worker!! Thank you Bahman for all you do!

 by Clyde, The Camel of the House, San Diego, CA
Clyde, The Camel of the House, San Diego, CA

Bahman is the Bomb!! The Master of Muscle! The Prince of Pleasure or pain! Once you feel the touch, you will never go back to the hands of another!

 by Irene Paigah, San Diego, CA
Irene Paigah, San Diego, CA

Bahman is a master of therapeutic massage and stress/pain reduction.

 by Dino Mulonni, San Diego, CA
Dino Mulonni, San Diego, CA

Bahman has extensive knowledge of the human body and his therapeutic massage has helped alleviate my constant neck and back pain.

 by Zahra Hosseini, San Diego, CA
Zahra Hosseini, San Diego, CA

I have been living with constant arthritis and back pain for years – Bahman’s therapeutic massage has improved my quality of life and allows me to better cope with my constant pain.

 by Niloofar, La Jolla, CA
Niloofar, La Jolla, CA

Bahman is amazing – his therapeutic massage helps me relieve the buildup of stress that comes from being a single mom.

 by Mojgan
La Jolla, CA

At 95 years old, I have many ailments and body aches. When the pain gets too much to bear and medication is no longer helpful, I schedule a massage with Bahman – his healing massage is magic.

 by Joanne Walters
San Diego, CA

No matter what I have going on with me as soon as I see Bahman for a massage my problem is gone….I am an active person with a stressful busy lifestyle, I have suffered from Shoulder to back problems to migraine headaches and just one visit he relieves me from pain so I am able to keep going. I have his number on speed dial.

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